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NBN Business Connect

NBN Business Connect

Life and work are better when you have the right partner. If your business demands super-fast internet and the reliability of service only Tech Savvy can provide, then check out these solutions.

One solution doesn’t fit everyone. We custom build for the results you need to ensure business continuity.

We are trained, accredited NBN ™ advisors and unlike the others, we’ve got your back 24/7. Our dedicated Australian team are focused on your business and supply a national coverage with reliable super-fast speeds and *unlimited data. Plus, your internet should be at its best every day, we will guide you through a full range of solutions.

NBN Business Basic
Up to 250 mbps

If you are looking for dependable, uncrowded Internet at a great price to power your small business or for working from home. TasmaNet Business Basic Internet is for you.

NBN Business Plus
Up to 250 mbps

Backed by extended hours priority support from the TasmaNet Service Desk team and an enhanced 12 hour NBN™ service restoration SLA and Static IP address included as standard.

Business Enterprise
Up to 1 Gbps

With Enterprise grade SLA options, Enterprise Ethernet offers dependable, superfast connectivity with up to 1Gbps symmetrical speeds using dedicated end-to-end fibre to your business sites.

Frequently asked questions :

NBN Business Connect

  • Unlimited data lets you unlock productivity-boosting cloud software, easily work collaboratively on shared files, and protect your critical business data 24/7 with secure offsite backup.
  • Business Grade Performance. Our uncrowded network stops your business data from getting bogged down in the neighbourhood streaming traffic day or night, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Business Plus Internet includes a static IP address at no extra cost, keeping your people connected to your business shared files, network, and printers wherever they work.
  • Expert support every day of the week from our 100% Australian Service Desk team keeps you connected, backed by an enhanced 12 hour NBN™ service restoration SLA.
  • National Solutions. Our direct relationship with NBN™ means we can quickly connect your business sites Australia wide, and we control how the network prioritises your business data traffic.
  • Business Basic Internet offers unlimited, uncrowded plans at a great price for small businesses and home offices looking for Internet a step above everyday residential plans without needing extended support hours or priority service restoration.
  • Business Plus Internet is built for businesses who simply cannot afford to be offline and need priority access to support and service restoration.
  • Business Plus Internet includes enhanced 7 Day support from the 100% Australian TasmaNet service desk team during extended support access hours, enhanced 12 hour NBN™ service restoration SLA, and a static IP address.

Installation of dedicated fibre and a business grade Network Termination Device at your site by NBN™ technicians generally takes 30 – 60 days, depending on the location and complexity of the build.

Our service delivery team has connected more NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet services than any provider in Australia and works directly with NBN™ to ensure that the transition to your new service goes smoothly.

NBN Business connect with Tech Savvy

Work with our experts and get the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice

Why use Tech Savvy?

Why use Tech Savvy?

Our recommendations will be based on your usage requirements and specific business needs and our solution will turbocharge your connections and transform the way you do business. We’ll help your business continue to meet today’s needs while building a stronger digital foundation for tomorrow.

With Tech Savvy + TasmaNet as partners, your business can leverage any one of a number of different connectivity options based on where you live and what you need to do. Get a reliable internet connection virtually everywhere you do business.