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Adelaide Computer Repair and IT Support Services

Adelaide Computer Repair and IT Support Services

Whether it’s setting up a new computer, installing software, or configuring devices to work together, Tech Savvy can provide the support to ensure a seamless technology setup. We can help home users to connect printers, scanners, smart devices, and home networks, ensuring everything functions properly and integrates smoothly.

Home IT support and services include:

Remote support

In your busy world, finding the time to bring your computer to us can be very difficult and inconvenient.

Overcoming this is simple when we use our remote support tool that allows us to securely access your computer where we can perform a diagnosis and fix on the spot. Easy no fuss resolution just what you need when it comes to technology today.

Our Tech Savvy technician will get you to install our remote support software on your device, so that they can remote to your PC to fix your IT problems. They will only be able to remote in when you provide them with a code that comes up on your PC. Keeping you secure at all times.

Troubleshooting and computer repair

Your Wifi network has failed, you cannot get your Wifi printer to connect and print that school assignment, the internet is running slow, the desktop takes forever to boot.

These are just some of the problems that we diagnose and resolve, explaining in a language you can understand and informing you of the steps and all charges before commencing any work that you approve.

IT support professionals have the skills to diagnose and troubleshoot a wide range of technology issues. Whether it’s resolving software conflicts, fixing hardware failures, or troubleshooting network connectivity problems, we can efficiently identify and resolve issues that may be challenging for you to tackle on your own.

Workshop or onsite IT support

Tech Savvy can provide onsite support if preferred. We can come to you.

Or you can bring your computer to us in our workshop based in Hallett Cove.

Once you are ready to part with it of course, we understand there is never a good time to be without your computer and we can book this in at a time that suits you.

Enhanced device performance

Over time, computers and laptops can slow down due to various factors such as software conflicts, outdated drivers, or excessive files. Tech Savvy can optimise device performance by performing tasks such as disk cleanup, software updates, and system configurations. This ensures that devices run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. You don’t always have to buy a replacement, it could be more budget friendly to just upgrade your hard drive.

Let us take the stress out of IT

Technology problems can be time-consuming and frustrating to solve, especially for individuals without a technical background. Tech Savvy’s IT support services save you time by quickly identifying and resolving issues. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting, you can rely on Tech Savvy to efficiently handle the problem, allowing you to focus on other tasks or enjoy your leisure time.

We provide many other solutions & support.

Tech Savvy is not just a computer repair centre:

  • Data backup and recovery

  • Need hardware? We sell computers, laptops, monitors, printers, etc

  • Removal of viruses and spyware

  • Systems Cleaning and System reinstalls

  • Insurance reports – fully written reports on the assessment of the damage on your computer

  • Data backup and transfer. Got a new computer? Let us move your files and setup your emails for you

  • Computer Tune Ups to improve performance of slow computers due to malware & virus attacks

  • Managed IT – Tech Savvy’s Protection Plan. Peace of mind from as little as $11.50 per month per computer. READ MORE HERE.

Tech Savvy

Peace of mind

Tech Savvy experts are just a call away.

Tech Savvy experts are just a call away.

Having reliable IT support available to assist with technology issues reduces stress and anxiety related to technical problems. You can trust that your technology needs are in capable hands, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable technology experience. Contact us today for assistance with your IT.